Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fire in the Belly

As in, the Leafs will need some. After the late-game shenanigans of the unchallenged Chris Neil, the Leafs will need to come out tonight and actually, you know, play as if they want to win. I know, we can't expect the boys to get fired up for every game of the season, but certainly a season opener at home against your biggest rival should have been enough for the underdog Leafs. Of all the aspects of last nights game, it is the shoulder-shrugging attitude that bothered me most. Play with some pride!

Prediction: While the game last night was mostly boring and listless, I have a distinct feeling that both Neil and McGratton will be looking to fire up the hometown crowd this evening. Who is going to step up for the Leafs?

We can count on Mats and Peca responding, IMO, but will the likes of Tucker, Kilger and McCabe? Kubina will be an added pressence, and a few well placed early hits to Spezza would go a long way toward giving the Leafs a real shot at winning this matchup. Unfortunately, as bad as Belak was he is basically the only guy on the roster who can handle either of Neil or McGratton, so look for him to be inserted on the 4th line.


PPP said...

It is par for the course for Neil to act like an idiot and not defend his actions. Case in point last night was when he threw an unsuspecting Kubina (hearing the whistle will make you slow down) onto Raycroft. He looked like Kypreos trying to take out a goalie. Did he fight? of course not.

The McGrattan-Belak fight was terrible.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, worst fight I have seen McGratton in ever. By the end, they looked kinda like 'Hey, wanna stop?'

Neil does that once a game, something really amateurish that makes you shake your head. Does he just need to mature, or does he really think that perma scowl that he plays with is scaring anyone?

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