Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Hate the Shootout

This is in response to an absolutely great post over at Leaf Club ^. He is 100% correct in that we have absolutely nobody on this team outside of Sundin who even puts a kink into the other teams stomach.

My feelings on the shootout... I hate it.

Ok, hate isn't the right word... fear might be closer to the truth. Whenever a game goes into OT, I am usually very confident. The Leafs, if anything else, have shown a penchant for scoring OT goals, especially when it counts. But as the seconds wind down, I start to squirm and twist, my mind flooding with memories of loss after loss last season in this side-show spectacle.

Jason Allison taking one stride at center-ice then coasting the rest of the way in has officially replaced my recurring nightmare where the Leafs actually make the Stanley Cup final, only to lose in four straight 10-0, 10-0, 10-0, 10-0.

Side-bar... I actually saw a guy wearing a Jason Allison Leafs jersey two days ago... I don't even know where to begin on that one, except to say that it must have been his brother. Now that I think of it he was walking at a rather glacial pace.

My solution to this guaranteed loss? Suglobov. Since he can't seem to crack the lineup, and doesn't seem to know where his own end is, put him out there in the one place he does seem to excel... skating as fast as humanly possible away from the Leafs zone. Give him a puck and a stick and, who knows, he might actually score for us.

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