Saturday, October 14, 2006

Musings: Suglobov Looks Terrible

This guy is by all accounts a real offensive firecracker, but he has looked capital B brutal out there in his limited opportunities. I hope that he shows the hockey sense to figure out where his own end is, but I fear that he would only really work in the Leafs lineup on lines #1 or 2, not as a fourth line 'grinder'.

If Suglobov plays tonight, it will be his make or break moment for the first-half of the season. If he stinks the place out again, he will be dispatched to the Marlies to see if he can learn to play a more complete game. If he plays well, he could easily and immediately gain more ice-time. As coach Maurice has demonstrated in spades this young season, guys WILL be rewarded for their efforts ^.

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