Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Needling the 'Sainted Sens': Corvo Ain't Exactly a Saint

Since the Ottawa Senators brought Joe Corvo on-board to help offset the loss of Chara this off-season, I have had more than a few of my sens-friends tell me what a great addition he is. They will then, as is typical, launch into some rant about what a bunch of no good, dirty SOB's the Leafs are, taking shots at various players for their apparent failures, both on and off the ice.

A refresher:

"...Prosecutors said Corvo, a 6-foot-1, 213-pound defenseman,
grabbed a 34-year-old woman's buttocks last November. Restaurant
staff told him to leave, but Corvo returned, punched the woman and
then kicked her when she fell to the ground, prosecutors said..."


Corvo later went on to plead guilty. Maybe that halo hovering over Kanata just got a little more tarnished?

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