Friday, October 06, 2006

Needling the 'Sainted Sens': Scowly McNeil

My new name for Chris Neil. He's got two facial expressions: an over-the-top scowl/grimace that looks like he is in a face-making contest with an eight year old kid, or the 'happy face' that he makes when he does something of acheivement (like finishing a Popular Mechanics for Kids magazine or remembering that the stove is hot and he shouldn't touch it).

Man would I like to play poker with this guy.


PPP said...

The beauty is that he combines the over-the-top scowl with the slow skate away so no one can retaliate to his garbage.

The Mad Hockey Blogger said...

I'll never forget the pre-season about 4-5 years ago when Neil was trying to make the Sens. The Leafs were in town, and he had a run-in with Gary Roberts. They came together, had a few words, and as Roberts turned to leave, Neil sucker-punched him in the eye.

ROberts would have given him an honest fight, but he of course has to take the Matt Cooke-esque route and cheap-shot.

Typical cheap crap from a punk who will hopefully 'get his' sometime soon.

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