Monday, October 23, 2006

Sainted Sens: The Parade Route Starts in Kanata

While seeing the Sens down and out is a pleasure to most Leafs fans, one could only wonder how long it would be until the Sens had a game like Saturday's, in which they pounded on the Devils 9-1.

With a home and home series starting on Tuesday this week, Leaf fans likely are happy to see the Sens get those nine goals out of their system, but probably aren't happy at the thought of a rejuvenated Sens team firing on all cylinders.

Interesting to see that Emery has replaced Gerber as the defacto #1 man in net... wonder what the fallout will be for a goalie making north of 3 million dollars with the 26th best GAA and just one win... that is an expensive bench warmer!

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