Monday, October 09, 2006

Game Recap: Canadiens 3 - Leafs 2 (SO)

No detailed break-down on the Habs game, as I didn't really get to watch it as closely as normal. Needless to say I thought that Toronto played very well, and if not for Aebisher playing out of his melon, it would have been an easy Leaf victory. Nice to see the powerplay looking as dangerous as it does. Marurice has done a great job of preparing the Leafs to deal with teams jamming up on McCabe. Wellwood has looked like money in the bank on Sundin's wing so far, and has been masterful on the powerplay with his down-low puck control.

Given what I have seen from the Habs so far this year, I think they will have no problem making the post-season. Actually, if the North-east was to be decided today purely on how teams have played, it would be 1) Sabres, 2) Montreal & Leafs, 4) Ottawa, 5) Bruins.

Still waiting for the Sens to turn around a disappointing start. Scary thing is, their defense has looked (and played) absolutely brutally. Redden is a legend for his give-aways when pressured, but it would appear that the loss of Chara IS having an impact, at least early in the season. Redden and Phillips look lost, Mezaros and Volchenkov look out-classed. My thoughts? They simply aren't getting enough support from their forwards. Alfredsson has been invisible to date, Spezza is at his floaty best, and I don't think Heatley has actually stepped into his own end yet this season.

Game Puck: Aebisher, who I thought played outstanding. If Montreal can get this type of goalkeeping from their backup, they are in great shape.

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