Thursday, November 02, 2006

Game Recap: Panthers 4 - Leafs 2

The Leafs had no business being in this game. I actually was hoping that they wouldn't come back to tie it, they were so undeserving of it. What a frickin joke. How much are these guys making again?

I'll say it... I thought Gill was OK. Aubin played well too, considering he faced around 60 shots through two periods.

Other than that, putrid. McCabe? Putrid. Kilger? Putrid. Seriously, I know players can't play 100% full out each and every night, but why is it that every three to four games this team absolutely mails it in? They didn't even try tonight. I'd say they had a case of the Mondays, but then I'd probably have to kill myself.

No hitting, no puck control, lost each and every puck battle.... you name it, they sucked at it.

One thing I have noticed this season with some regularity is a startling lack of in-game 'adjustment' by the Leafs. They either have the right game-plan, come out and throw 50 shots and the kitchen sink at the opposition, or they get stymied, stop skating, and fold.

Very discouraging, especially against teams who can adapt, like Buffalo.

I'll call it now, Sabred 14, Leafs 1 if they play like they did tonight on Saturday. Daniel Briere and company are going to absolutely destroy this lazy bunch.

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