Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who Put the Flyer in Filly?

Posting as much as I have about the greatest hockey story of the season (aka the dismissal of Bobby 'cancer sucks, just don't go goofy on us' Clarke), I began to wonder about the origins of the Flyers name. No not Philadelphia, although... no, no, I of course mean 'Flyers'.

I thought, "Self, surely this must refer to some past linkage between Philadelphia and actual flying." Like perhaps Philadelphia had the first passenger airport, or the Wright brothers stopped here and really enjoyed the local 'entertainment'? Surely, a city with the history that Philly has, you would think that their sports team, as the ambassador to the NHL, would have a proud name steeped in tradition.

Uh, not so much ^:

Flyers was the name chosen for the new franchise as it conveyed the motion and excitement that was to be consistent with both hockey in general, as well as the new Philadelphia club.
Wow, Flyers, like, they are totally flying out there yo, like a plane or something! Back-up choices for the team name included:
  • Philadelphia Steamers;
  • Philadelphia Sweat-Breakers;
  • Philadelphia "Whoas!", and of course;
  • Philadelphia Fat Guys in a Little Booth.
I like the last one best...

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