Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ferguson Finally Fired

Alliteration aside, this should have happened last summer. JFJ and the MLSE board have managed to take a once mediocre franchise and turn it into the Cleveland Browns of Hockey. A team so mismanaged and inept, so burdened with bad contracts that the only hope they have is for a return to the 'old' pre-salary cap NHL. Even if there are trades forthcoming, which there should be, this team's only hope for a quick about-face is to convince the veterans to go and to somehow win the NHL draft lottery this season AND next. Talk about wishing upon a star...

Honestly, you would think an organization that also owns an NBA basketball team that seems to know how to manage their respective salary cap would at least have the nuts to, oh I don't know, pull their head out of the sand and ask the guys over in Basketball operations, "hey, so can you guys explain this salary cap thing?"

The MLSE ship careens on, throughout this whole debacle showing their true colours along the way. They hang JFJ out to dry in front of the entire hockey world, somehow expecting this sideshow to actually ATTRACT talent. With all the haste of a glacier, Peddie et al have effectively shown their cards to the world, shrugged their shoulders and let out a collective "meh" when it comes to the on-ice performance of their financially successful hockey club.

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