Sunday, November 12, 2006

Game Recap: Leafs 5 - Habs 1

Complete domination of the Habs by the Leafs. Out-shot them 42 to 26, with the Leafs missing an amazing 22 shots...

This game was won by hard-work and pure determination. The Leafs won virtually every battle along the boards, and save for a few isolated shifts, were able to keep the Habs on the outside looking in.

Aubin looked a little shaky, but the Habs really didn't generate many great chances. Ponikarovsky is really starting to turn into a legitimate first-line power forward. He is big, strong and quick. He may be the toughest Leaf player to get the puck off of along the boards, and is completely fearless in driving the net.

Crow Time:

I'm not sure what the guy skating around in jersey #80 has done with the real Nik Antropov, but he is a welcome addition. He looks, gulp, dominant? I don't want to overstate his play, but his work with Poni over the past 3 games has been stellar. He also appears to have caught on to the Leafs welcome addiction to shooting the puck, averaging four shots on goal a game, and has four goals. If he can keep up this type of play, I will happily eat my previous words...

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