Thursday, November 09, 2006

Video Clip: Gilmour Tribute

My all-time favourite, although I have to admit, Mr. Sundin is on the verge of supplanting him.


Wardo said...

For two years, Gilmour was a god in Toronto.

He came along after years of futility and false hopes...I remember the Leafs changed their uniforms when he arrived, like it was a subconsious nod to the fact that this was a different team. Gilmour put the team on his back and did it all. I don't think I missed a single game in two years. Gilmour had a way of making you believe the Leafs were going to win, no matter what. I was stunned when Toronto lost against Los Angeles, as was everyone else. This is why everybody today points to the Gretzky high-stick in that series as the reason we lost, not for any other reason. Because it was impossible to lose when it mattered as long as Dougie was around to save the day.

Dougie was like Mike Peca, except he could also score 100 points a season.

Boy, do I miss him on the team.

PPP said...

Wardo, you are bang on. It's fitting that he came to Toronto on the 2nd of January. I remember how terrible the Leafs were that year before they made that trade. He almost singlehandedly got them into the playoffs that season.

I felt that same sense of anticipation when he returned and was crushed tat he got hurt in Calgary. He didn't even get one last game in Toronto.

The Mad Hockey Blogger said...

When he got hurt in Calgary, I was literally depressed for days... I was eager to see Dougie in one last playoff run, just hoping he could recapture some of his magic...

Man, that still bothers me just thinking about it.

Jason said...

Hespeler - straight edge blade.

There wasn't a kid on the block back in '93 who didn't play ball hockey with one of these.

You just wern't cool unless you were packing a straight edge Hespeler.

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