Monday, November 06, 2006

The Toronto Mediots are at it Again...

If one were to be parachuted into Toronto, and handed a copy of the Toronto Star/Sun in the last week, one could have been forgiven for thinking:

  1. On Friday, following a loss to Florida, the Leafs were the worst team in the NHL;
  2. On Sunday, following a win over Buffalo, they are the best.

Leaf fans have a reputation, much of it deserved, for being irrational when it comes to the team in Blue and White. My contention is that the media in Toronto, the same ones who constantly remind us of 1967 yet in the next sentence call a team with middling talent a contender, are even worse.

The sheer amount of crap that the media spews should require a permit from the Toronto Department of Public Works. One example: "Wellwood may be the best playmaker in the NHL" says Al Strachan... right. Forget Thornton, Hemsky, Straka, and a myriad of other players who will end the season with more assists... Listen, I like Wellwood, but suggesting that he is the best in the league is something that even the most dyed-in-the-wool Leafs fan should recognize is capital B, capital S.

One more note of irritation to the yammering rag-writers... why is it that the Star and Sun file essentially the same stories each day? I have been led to believe that these two papers are competitors, yet almost without fail on any given day, I will find articles in both the Sun and Star covering the exact same topic with the exact same quotes.

People, this is a very unique Leafs team. They lack an identity, but have shown the will and the ability to beat the best teams in the league. They are not contenders, and they are not going to finish last. For once, let's try to actually enjoy the ride, without bloated expectations. A win IN Buffalo is a huge step in the right direction, but they play seven more times this season. The Buds will need to take half of those games to prove that the early season success is not an aberration. Have patience with the Leafs, and revel in the misery (short-lived I believe) of the early season failures in Ottawa and Philly.

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