Monday, November 06, 2006

OT: Remembering "The Great War"

I won't make a habit of straying from hockey talk, but I was forwarded an email today that is for what I consider a very worthy cause.

Hi all. I am usually the last person to send out mass emails, but I
think this one is important enough to warrant it. I know on-line petitions are usually bunk, but who knows, maybe this can make a difference. I will be writing the Member of Parliament later today.

There is a movement growing in Canada to hold a state funeral when the last veteran of WWI dies, which will unfortunately be in the very near future. Canada sent 600,000 men and women overseas in WWI, which was amazingly almost 8% of the population of Canada at the time. 60,000 Canadians did not return, and the course of Canada was changed forever.

A state funeral is normally only held when a Prime Minister dies, but this funeral would be in honor of the Canadians who died and served in WWI. The last three remaining veterans are 106, 105 and 105. Only three left out of 600,000.

To sign the online petition visit
Sign-up today, and don't forget to contact your Member of Parliament ^!

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