Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Piling On: That Whiney POS

As timely as ever here at TMHB (just wait for my twelve part series on Gretzky's High-stick of Gilmour), it's time to call a spade a spade; Sidney Crosby is killing hockey.


Among my friends and cohorts, I've given Sidney Crosby as much leeway as any non-Penguin fan should. He's young, he's under extreme pressure and he plays for one of the worst coaches in the game. Yeah, I know, 2 minutes for being an idiot (hangs head in shame).

However, recent-ish events have finally shown me the light, and I'll be damned if I'm going to hide it under a bushel basket!

Exhibit A: The Nut Punch

Have a look at the 0:47s mark of this clip:

As the commentator intimated in the clip, really how is that any different than anything we've seen guys get LONG suspensions for? The NHL suspends professional douchebag Sean Avery for six games for talking about his ex-girlfriend, yet Cindy gets nothing (heck, did it even get MENTIONED by the all-knowing Hockey Media in Canada?). Disgusting.

Exhibit 2: Getting Schooled by Ovechkin

Not sure if any in the Barilkosphere had the chance to see it, but the January 14th smack-down ^ on Crosby and the Pens by Ovechkin was a thing of beauty:

Ovechkin had Crosby on his knees picking up his purse more than a few times, before taking over the game in the third and absolutely dominating. Listening to how despondent the Pens announcers get near the end of the game literally sustains me; it's schadenfreude at it's best people!

Exhibit C: The 'Playoff Beard'

'Nuff said.

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