Friday, November 03, 2006

The Flyers are Imploding...

Wow. Quote the train wreck down in Philly these days. Besides getting spanked by a touchdown almost every other game, the Flyers entire organization from top to bottom appears to be in free-fall: ^

This is really something to see. I had the Flyers picked for 7th this season, but who could have imagined that 10 games into the season, Hitchcock and Clarke would be gone, and Forsberg would be shirking his responsibilities as captain.

This whole situation is Islanderesque in sheer buffoonery. Seriously, is 'Mad' Mike Milbury pulling the strings over there in PHI?

Fearless Prediction: The vultures are circling, and do not be surprised to see a MAJOR shakeup in the form of Hatcher being 'Lamorielloed' to the Phantoms, and even a possible trade of a Gagne/Forsberg (if they can make the numbers work).

Honestly, given the goalie situation, the leagues worst defense pairing in Hatcher and Rathje, and the lack of growth of the young Flyers this season, this team is circling the bowl.


Wardo said...

It's amazing how Hatcher/Rathje are now thought of as pylons. I remember when Clarke came out of the lockout with those guys in both hands, and everybody thought Philadelphia was going to be invincible.

It proves how lousy most people, even experts are, at predicting things.

Unless their name is - The Mad Hockey Blogger!

LeaferSutherland said...

We could use a hockey expert like you.

Come on over to and join in on our quickly growing NHL forum.


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